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NECVT 2012

NECVT 2012 is the short title for the project
"New European concepts for vocational training for educationally disadvantaged groups
between 16 and 24 years old NECVT 2012"

The targetgroup of the partnership project are young adults from about 16 to 25 years, who hardly can take part in education because of personal, familiar or social reasons. In consequence they can not be integrated into the labour market.

In the partnership there will meet teachers and training-specialists from various institutions who take responsibility for the qualification of this target group. They want to exchange their professional experiences and informations about training the target group.

One mayor aspect in this partnership was, to understand vocational education and training (VET) as a holistic-labor-marketrelated process, which is more than the transfer of "technical core skills": individual life guidance and carreer planning, involving the development of social competences and skills!

With this aspect we identified different best-practice qualification methods from each country. These specific methods should be integrated into transferable and general training modules called NECVT 2012, that can be used by each partner organization and to all interested training experts.

These qualification modules will be integrated into every-day-work of the partners. Therfor every institution is able to make new experiences and can report about this, to control the efficience in different settings.

In Liechtenstein, we organised a Train the Trainer seminar together with the Department for vocational education and career services and mentors of the project "Zünder". Together with Dr. Michael Beck we were trained in the concepts of the Scenario Planning Method (c) by Dr. Beck.

  Szenario Plan Methode