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The e-emec project-cooperation was built to develop a German linguistic training for Turkish people, based on the concepts of blended learning.

The German linguistic training considers the demands and directives from Liechtenstein, Austria (integration arrangement, §§ 14-16 establishment and stay laws) and Germany (§§43 following AufenthG), in each case oriented at the European competence level A1.

The learning platform allows interested people from Turkey to acquire additional linguistic skills in a simply and quickly way to find better access possibilities through the higher qualification to the EU width educational programmes and exchange programmes and above all for the job market.

This project achieves two essential points which are indicated in the Copenhagen process as well as in Helsinki Kommunique (2006). First a strengthening of the mutual learning is forced by educational experts in the professional education and secondly a narrow relation is produced between vocational training and working life.

The AIM of the project was, to develop an educational language learning program based on blended learning!

The image shows the learning structure from the sight of the participants (click on image to enlarge in extra window).

This is the link to the project webpage: www.e-emec.com

  Language Training Concept