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ECVAET - ECVET in Event Technology

An educational research project for development and promotion of transnational vocational training.

GPOCS has worked as a coordinator in the project ECVAET (2011-2013) tätig. Project details are given in the website www.ecvaet.eu .

For its contribution and exemplary project work GPOCS received in Liechtenstein the Lifelong Learning Award 2013 .

The project was also recorded in Switzerland by the Swiss ECVET Expert Team in the report "Europäisches Leistungspunktesystem ECVET für die Berufsbildung" (European Credit System ECVET for VET) and participates in educational research conference "Bildungsforschungskonferenz 2014 in Österreich" .


AIBA «Lifelong Learning Award» für die Universität Liechtenstein