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EU placements for school leavers of graduating classes in Liechtenstein

Many school leavers such as those from the Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium are in an orientation phase towards vocational training. In support of organizing and providing placements abroad in other European countries, GPOCS offer assistance. The young people will be able to gain insight into the professional world and this will support their process of finding a decision within the choice of their vocational education future.

In addition to the initial experience in the professional world, to the participants while improve their foreign language skills and learn to behave in an international and cross-cultural working environment. This opens minds and broadens access to and awareness in the cultural differences. Furthermore, informal learning skills will be strengthened, such as communication, language skills, social and interpersonal skills. At the same time, this action supports the participants to be more confident in their personal lives and emphasizes the ability to adapt flexibly to a new environment.

To read about the details of the current project, please visit: http://eu-praktika.gpocs.com

This Projekt is supported and funded
by the European Commission!

European Commission