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"Education is a prerequisite for the welfare of the society and its members."

(Source: Government of Liechtenstein, Ministry of Education, www.regierung.li)

Our motivation is to help, especially for people living in the region of Liechtenstein, to enable a broad-based educational access, directly oriented on the people's needs. And we seek to close the gaps in education systems by complementing with our training programs.

Our business sector educational research and development focuses on the interface between vocational and higher education. We are part of various international consortia working on topics from basic education, training, adult education and higher education, within aspects of formal, non formal and informal learning. Within our research activities we are mainly interested in media based learning and Big Data in education. Our latest research fields relates to the fields of Educational Data Mining, Text Mining & Evaluation, Educational Data Analytics, Learning Analytics, and Learning Management / Learning Process Management.

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