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The Oh-Norman Training Series
from Global Partners & Associates ®

The Oh-Norman Training Series is a modularized Sales and Sales Management training philosophy, concentrating particularly on the process of modern consultative selling.Through the combination of a top-down and a bottom up approach, our Sales Training curriculum will become an integral and rewarding part of your specific business needs. This in return will be felt by your customers as you are exceeding their expectations.  


For Presentational Training / Classroom Training:

Training Module Kit:

The modules consist of:
  • Session booklets
  • Extensive video segments supporting the manager or trainer
  • Refresher Audio tapes / CD-ROMs (Module Follow Up and Module 2)
  • “Oh Norman Diary” - book as supportive reading material
  • Leader's guide for the trainer or manager
  • Mind joggers & pens (Module 1 / Follow Up and Module 2)
  • On-line skill assessment tools available (Module 1 and Module 2)
  • Wallcharts for main skill-models

The classroom training is supported by Video sessions, which deepen the knowledge and  show some case studies.

Training Module Kit

Trainer and Train the Trainer:

We are qualified and certificated trainers of Global Partners & Associates ® and support you with our presence trainings offer!

Within module's and pilot's trainings, we give you an overview and the details to the whole training series and into single training modules.

We plan and implement training after your needs. The high flexibility of the trainers and the comprehensive training offer guarantee an optimum support for the education of your management and your employees.


 For web based Training / online Training:

Training Modules online:

We developed the training modules for getting delivered online through our training platform.

The participants are able to connect through the internet to their personal account and will be guided along a prepared learning path.

The Online Training Modules where built on the base to integrate different learning types using audio (narrator), video, textinformation, activity sessions, interexaminations and a module end test.

Preparational Surveys are developed in addition to the training modules.




Learning path