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Our network in  Logistics  is located in the Rhine Valley, our core partners are: Einfach Wissen AG, BMC and IDEE5. See our free online training module here!

What ist it?

Topics such as free trade, economic areas, tariffs, certificates of origin, terrorist lists, value added taxes, processing operations; about all these complex themes.


Who is our
target group?

Whether you are a clerk, manager, financier, trucker or operator of an online shop now. There is often required some basic knowledge to perform within logistical tasks, or you will quickly run into risks and costs that can interfere with your core business.
Even as consumer, some knowledge upon the relationships within these themes could be helpful.

How does
this work?
In many cases it is an advantage to be an expert, which is similar to be independ. But this requires knowledge.
This knowledge can be gained either by self-study from the Internet or through appropriate literature. Looking for didactically valuable sources could result in a never ending story. Thus our learning opportunities are developed and adapted on a didactically high valuable level.


We prepare you to be an expert!



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