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Our blended learning apporach supports the educational needs within the branch of the Event Technology with excellent solutions to both technologically aspects and standards/safety regulations, to keep professionals up to date. We are working in international teams with professionals for professionals - and those wo still want to be!

The focus is on the

  • Basic and Vocational Education Event Technology
  • Advanced Vocational Training Event Technology
  • Training Master Event Technology

As a brief introduction into the topics we offer our free short online seminar "Life Sound Tuning" which simply can be started by a click here (seminar in German, FLASH-player required!)

These are our current research projects
within the branch of event technology
ECVAET - ECVET in der Veranstaltungstechnik


see more under: www.ecvaet.eu ¦ www.ecvaet2.eu ¦ www.ecvaet3.eu