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Global Partners Online Communication Services Trust reg. was founded in 2008 in the Principality of Liechtenstein with a strong research focus and the aim of supporting know-how creation processes and providing learning solutions in the Rhine Valley and across national borders.

The usage of modern ICT and new media solutions is part of our comprehensive learning concept. We understand the concept of Blended Learning as a holistic learning, with the involvement of several aspects of learning. Next to technical, audio and visual elements as a core of a rational didactic approach, the incorporation of informal and non formal aspects, best understood as 'the human factor', are key aspects in our teaching and learning concept, to support our different target groups (also known as learning types) towards suitability and usability of our learning applications.

Our aim is to support the creation of a virtual academy in the sense of a strong network, accessible via an over-disciplinary platform. International Settled and Leading and well establisched educational institutions around the globe should join this network of educational excellence. Thus a common universal platform for education and training opportunities can be established to support knowledge transfer on a free bases in accordance with the idea of ​​an open Virtual University (ovu).

We consider ourselves as an integrated, unifying, coordinating element in a broad, international network in this context. One of our strengths lies in connecting appropriate people and to align them towards a common, purposeful cooperation, to mediate, support and coordinate within such collaborative environments. Still focussing on our core tasks to attract the concept of lifelong learning in all our activities.