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Learning Analytics

New chances and challenges arise through the rapid and new developments of analytics of digital user data. Researchers in education are interested in exploring the fields of Educational Data Mining, Learning Analytics (LA) and Academic Analytics. Especially LA introduces new possibilities. This research provides insight into the domain of LA, especially looking for potentials from LA and their usage in University Teaching and Learning.

The research project follows the design science research process and incorporate three elements. At first, a literature review of the domain of LA enables to gain knowledge on the research topic, where two models could be derived and LA potentials identified. The second step covers the development of a prototype for Text Mining and Evaluation as a subfield of LA, to prepare some detailed insights and as preparation for the interviews with 14 experts in teaching from the University of Liechtenstein, which is the third element.

The research demonstrates the current opportunities of LA with its various methods, tools, processes and models and aims to give insight and provides an overview about the existing opportunities for the use of LA with a focus for universities, and in general to support teaching and learning.


Learning Analytics Cloud


Figure: Learning Analytics research and its key topics in a cloud presentation


GPOCS supported and sponsored this research project at the University of Liechtenstein.